The coaching of the Orange Lions continues. . . If you haven’t ever watched a group of 3 and 4 year-old’s play T-ball, your missing out! Perhaps its because I’m the coach, but I am very impressed with this group of kiddos. One little player on the team is probably a future hall of famer. Yesterday we played a whole two innings. Well, some of the kids played two innings, others collected rocks, drew in the dirt, cried and some just didn’t leave the dugout. But we had a lot of fun. Tyler got through one inning and decided he preferred the view from where mommy and sister were, in the stands. Stay tuned for more T-ball sagas. oh, and in case you are wondering who won….I forgot to keep track. I was having too much fun.

Coach Greg

One thought on “The T-Ball Sagas

  1. I love my nephews, Tyler is so cute and I wish we could see him more often. Don’t forget, it’s all in the hips:)

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