ty and dadIn the midst of everything going on, Tyler and I snuck away for a camping trip just north of Malibu at Leo Carrillo State Park. This has become our family’s getaway spot while living here in So. Cal. This was the first such trip for just Tyler and I. It was a great father/son time as we built sandcastles at the beach and cooked hot dogs over the campfire. These are the moments I have always wanted as a father. Upon returning home, Kira said, “Daddy, when can we just go camping?” More to come….

2 thoughts on “Camping with Tyler

  1. I was taken to Leo Carrillo Beach with my Brother in the 60’s. While we were there a B52 bomber came over at about 500 feet practicing their low level attack. Boy those 8 jet engines sure put out a lot of noise!

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