This week classes begin at ESEPA. Up to this point we have been focusing on preparing for the course and meeting with different ministry directors in the greater San Jose area. I have been on a quick learning curve trying to prepare to teach a class on urban mission and poverty in a new city and country. This has not been easy, but I am excited about the upcoming course called Mission in the City. Some of the course subjects will be:

1.Historical Roots of Urban Mission and understandings of the City.

2. Biblical Perspectives on ministry to city-folk (Jonah anyone?)

3. Understanding social structures (economy, religious, political etc.) within the city

4. The place of social science research in urban mission

5. Poverty in the City

6. Religious Movements in the City

7. Special focus on children and youth within the urban context

8. Towards an urban theology

9. Immigration and Multiculturalism

10. Leadership and Evangelism within the city, etc, etc.

ESEPAPlease pray that the students would be impacted by both the course work and lectures, but also by the ministry visits and active opportunities to get involved in urban ministry.

More Prayer Requests:

Please also be praying for our family as we continue to adjust to life here. The kids are doing very well and are adapting to their new lives in Costa Rica. Tyler enjoys his new school and is making some good friends. Please pray that he would continue to pick up Spanish and develop good friendships.

Pray for Greg as he travels to Minneapolis, MN at the end of Sept for a conference hosted by the Evangelical Missiological Society and IFMA. He will be presenting a paper entitled “The Involvement of Children at Risk in Short-term Mission.”

Pray for Christina as she has become very involved at Tyler’s school and now resides on the parents board. Pray for them as they make important decisions that affect the school

Thanks for Praying!

One thought on “Mission in the City

  1. Hi Greg and Christina and Tyler. Thanks for the prayer requests. I prayed for you this morning. I appreciate your blog and admire you for keeping it current with family information and theological/missiological good stuff. Keep it coming. Pray for us at the MSO as we transition out of the Befus epoc and into the Vogule interim period. Our enemy has tried and will continue to try to disrupt and destroy. I am praying for your class at ESEPA and look forward to seeing more of it’s content online.
    With you under God’s grace.

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