home-and-esepa-011.jpgIn thinking through this new year, we are working towards several projects at the seminary. We would appreciate your prayers as we move ahead. In particular, would you be praying that we are given a $15,000 grant for the missions dept in order to move a head with these projects? I worked night and day back towards the later part of November in trying to get a grant proposal turned in to a foundation to cover some of these projects.

Missionary Training

Pueblos Musulmanes Internacional (PMI) has asked the Missions department at ESEPA to help with on-going training of their missionaries. We have agreed to help provide scholarships for missionaries on the field taking on-line courses and for missionaries on furlough or study leave to take courses at ESEPA.

Practicum in Mission

The missions department at ESEPA has worked diligently to develop partnerships with important agencies in the region and around the world engaged in missionary work. We believe it is essential that our students participate in practicums that will accelerate their cross-cultural understanding by placing them on the field in supervised programs working side by side with other Latin American missionaries. We have three significant partnerships at this time where students will be located. These locations are: India, Venezuela and Equatorial Guinea of Africa.

Books on Children at Risk and Mission

We are hoping to build up our missions library and if granted the funding will add an additional 200 books and mission journals to our cross-cultural missions and children at risk library.


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