I arrived here last Tuesday (the 25th) and jumped right into some meetings at Fuller. The meetings that I and others were invited to was the Consultation of the Global Alliance for Holistic Child Development (HCD). Basically, we gathered to discuss how we have progressed from last years meetings in Chiang Mai, Thailand and to set a course for this next year. Participants were from all over the world (nearly 30 in all) and represented Christian educational institutions dedicated to training and preparing children at risk workers and leaders. A number of very concrete goals were developed and it will be exciting to see how God’s people are better prepared to deal with issues of children in crisis around the world as a result of these meetings. We would continue to appreciate your prayers as we move forward in developing this type of program at ESEPA seminary. There is a lot of work ahead for us.

One thought on “News from Calif

  1. We really enjoyed spending time with you, Greg. It was great seeing you again. Christina, did Greg tell you that I fed him way too much food so that I’d feel like I’d make dinner for all of you? I also served Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, just for you. 🙂 I wish we could go again. Love, Charity

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