Participants - Steve Bartell and Dan Brewster
Participants - Steve Bartell and Dan Brewster sharing the platform

Thirty-six seminary professors and administrators just gathered here in Quito to discuss the importance of training Christian workers in ministry to children at risk. The event was sponsored by Compassion International and was attended by Oversees Council International (OCI) staff. The conference was the first in the region to focus on academic training among this population and was especially focused on developing a regional alliance among professors and institutions committed to either developing programs focused on Holistic Child Development or mobilizing and equipping others to do so. We were especially challenged by Manfred Kohl, ex-vice president and acting ambassador for OCI about the need to provide academic

Volcanoe Cotopaxi at 19,300 feet
Volcano Cotopaxi at 19,300 feet

programs that truly identify the needs in the region. Training programs that are focused on those caring for children inside and outside of the church is one way to do just that.The conference was especially confirming as we prepare at ESEPA to team up with Viva-Together with Children in the development of a certificate program focused in this area. Given my research over this past month on street-living and working children, I am very anxious to get a program going that will focus on training quality child-care workers that are committed to a holistic approach to helping children and youth. If you would like to join us in supporting this effort, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

One thought on “Holistic Child Development Consultation in Quito at SEMISUD

  1. The programme sounds excellent Greg! I wish you the best with developing it and keep us informed as to how it goes! I truly agree it’s so important to be as fully prepared as possible when working with such a vulnerable group!

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