Crown Point
Crown Point

We arrived in Klamath Falls just prior to Thanksgiving and have been enjoying our time with my parents. Prior to our arrival here we spent the week in Portland and enjoyed some of our favorite hang out areas as we reconnected with new and old friends. One of our favorite spots is Multnomah falls. Tyler and I climbed the trail to the top while mom (with broken toe) and Kira sipped hot chocolate in the restaurant. On the way up Tyler asked me if we would see any monkeys and was disappointed when I said there are no monkeys (at least in the wild) in Oregon. You can take the boy out of Costa Rica, but not Costa Rica out of the boy I guess. After sharing a message (on my birthday) at Gladstone church entitled, “A Call to Extreme Living” we enjoyed a great dinner with Christina’s family at Changs for an all

Multnomah falls
Multnomah falls

you can eat mongolian buffet. Now we sit in Klamath Falls looking to the sky for some white stuff. I have plenty of studies to keep me busy while we watch.

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