home-and-esepa-011As we approach 2009, we are mindful of the challenges ahead for our world and many of our friends and family. The economic situation has been quite challenging to many friends and supporters. ESEPA has also been struck with its difficulties as foundations and supporters have communicated their lack of funding for 2009. Despite all of this we still have a vision for caring for God’s children. Our vision statement is to:

train Latin American leaders to extend God’s kingdom and grow His Church in Latin America and beyond. We especially desire to see Christian leaders equipped to effectively care for children living in crisis.

2009 Goals

  • Work towards the development of a Children at Risk certificate program at ESEPA. We have been given an initial thumbs up by the seminary to continue to develop a Christian training programed called Misión Integral Para la Niñez y Adolescencia (MIPANA). Roughly translated this means  “Holistic Mission for Children and Adolescents.” During 2009 we will develop the program and initiate the approval process with the Seminary’s board and leadership.

  • Develop new courses within the missions program focused on training future Latin American missionaries to serve around the world.

  • It is our hope to see several ESEPA students go out on to the mission field this next year. We have several students planning to serve with Niños de la Luz (www.ninosdelaluz.org) in Venezuela and another student is planning to go to work in Uruguay. Pray for Greg as he works on preparing these practica for the students.

  • Christina plans on developing quarterly activity nights for the students involved in the missions program at the seminary. These activity nights will help create community at the seminary between the students and professors. These nights will include games, movie nights and lots of yummy food.

  • Greg will finish up a major report on his Bolivian research of the city-wide strategy in the city of Cochabamba. This report will highlight the innovative approach to working with street children along with recommendations for those involved in the work.

  • We will also work on developing avenues to get students involved in caring out what they are learning. This will focus on developing ministerial networks in the city of San Jose. We would love to have all of our students ministering to hurting people in the name of Christ.

3 thoughts on “Ministerial Goals for 2009

  1. Hey Greg, your plans sound both insipring and exciting! I look forward to reading the report especially! I pray Gods blessings and supernatural provision over your plans this coming year. Thank God that His vision through you does not depend on the ‘worlds’ economy but heavens! God Bless

  2. p.s You should look at My churches website Cristo Nacion. They have a big vision to train Latino Leaders also. They both have blogs on my site also (Angie and Daronn)

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