Local care in a local church
Local care in a local church

A number of months ago we celebrated our Missions emphasis week here at ESEPA. I met with a pastor today (over gallo pinto= a delicious mix of beans, rice and spices) and was really encouraged in hearing him describe how the missions conference here at ESEPA got him and his church thinking about the needs of children in their community. They are setting up a camp for after school activities and will be making children in their community a priority. He told me this will affect their budget as well. Faith based organizations (FBO’s) are a hot topic in the U.S. right now, but around the world, it is evident that local churches are making an impact in the lives of the poor and their children. It has been said that the Church is the greatest advocacy organization in the world for children. It certainly MUST be acknowledged that some churches have done more harm than good, but overall it is evident that many communities, where a local church exists, have prospered from the spiritual and physical nourishment that has been provided in the name of Christ. I was really excited to have this talk with this pastor today. And all of this comes on a day when I really needed to be encouraged in this area. Pretty cool. Thanks Lord.

*Thanks to the Vossler’s (friends in OR) check out this great read entitled: As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God

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