We had a relaxing Palm Sunday up here on the mount today. After a busy week, we decided to just hang out and restore our minds and bodies. Tyler, Kira and I (Greg) have been recovering from a bad cold and needed a relaxing day. And well, mom, she just plain deserved a relaxing day! Of course relaxing doesn’t mean boring. We started off the day with waffles and a Palm Sunday service at home. The kids found palm branches and we sat on the deck and read the story of Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Tyler and Kira laid their palm branches down and forced Bella (our dog) to walk across them acting out the story.

Kira's garden find
Kira's garden find

We then went on to complete several pending projects including putting up a tire swing and planting some petunias.




I also started a new book called The Shack as I finished up my book on Nouwen. The book is great so far. The setting is in Oregon.  I am always up for a book that is backdropped in Oregon. Anyway, it has been a great, relaxing day. We are now preparing for Semana Santa here in Costa Rica. We hope to hit the beach, visit Irazu Volcano and take a few other day trips this week to keep the kids nice and busy. Friday we will go to a city close by and watch the Catholic processions.

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