chevaiersIt has been insanely busy around here lately, but wanted to share all the good things we have been experiencing. We are hosting a couple who are the founders of Lifebranch ministries. We invited Wil and Jacquie Chevalier last year to host some seminars here at ESEPA. They have been focusing this weekend on working with Pastors and their wives/husbands and other Christian leaders. The response has been powerful as people have turned out and opened up. The cross-cultural minsitries dept here at ESEPA and the Center for Christian Education is hosting the conferences. Marriage was the first institution ordanied by God and we want to support people in finding the joy and love that can only come from God. Please continue to pray for a powerful week as we prepare for several more meetings this next week.

In other news, a new semester has begun at ESEPA. Greg is teaching courses in Holistic Mission to Children at Risk and a course on the Social Sciences in Christian Ministry. We have had a great turn out for the children at risk course and are hoping this will eventually help us to launch even more courses in the future.

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