June 12, 2009. Join the movement to end child labor. Check out the enclosed information and get involved.

click on World Day 2009

The World Day Against Child Labour aims to promote awareness and action to tackle child labour. Support for the World Day has been growing each year. In 2009 we look forward to a World Day that is widely supported by governments, employers and workers organisations, UN agencies and all those concerned with tackling child labour and promoting the rights of girls.

  • We would like you and your organisation to be part of the 2009 World Day.
  • Join us and add your voice to the worldwide movement against child labour.
  • For more information contact <!– .ipec@ilo.org. –>ipec@ilo.org.

While you are at it, why not look into buying this book on girl-child advocacy work: Shaping the Future: Girls and our Destiny

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