The summit was held this past September 1-5th in NY. The event was held at the Promise Church, a large A of G Korean church in Queens. Let me tell you, the Korean church knows how to pray!!! We joined in with them at 5AM. The church and its members were amazing hosts. I was very eager to attend this working summit, given reports I had read about the previous summit and the number of nations represented (85 I believe). The summit was primarily focused on ministry to children at risk around the world. The meetings included much more than plenary speakers. The leadership called for a highly participative meeting where regional planning was developed for mobilizing local churches to engage with children at risk. I was involved in the academic and theological track. Our track, led by Dan Brewster and JB Jeyaraj, focused primarily on developing resources and mobilizing seminaries and Bible colleges to consider adding academic programs that focus on training and equipping children at risk workers. We are actively moving forward on several projects now that the conference is over. In particular we are carrying out an audit on available resources in English, Spanish and French. This will help serve a number of the countries represented in our track. ESEPA continues to keep me busy, now teaching a NT survey course, but I am also devoting some of my time to working in the area of mobilizing seminaries to start new equipping programs to help train quality child-care workers in the region. This is an exciting time for the Church to be involved in such ministries.

For more on the 4-14 movement see 4-14 Handbook Draft_Jan2010_Word 2003 format edited (FINAL v3)

Worship with the promise church choir

resource dev. team - Amazing group of people

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