Member care and disasters, both man-made and natural, are areas that need our attention. Most of my day has been consumed looking at these issues. I am part of the Trends and Issues summit here at the Accord Conference. Our issues today dealt with both large-scale (think earthquakes, hurricanes and wars) and small-scale disasters (think burn-out, dissolved marriages and mental breakdowns).

Insights on member care (what I call small scale disasters) are essential for any organization and staff member. My reflections on this beg the question, does your

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organization (or the one you hope to work for) provide member care?Does the organization have any sense of standards of well-being? Is there a culture of care within the organization? If the answer is no to these questions, I would recommend serving elsewhere. Member care, especially for those working in development and justice contexts is absolutely critical and an area that should be integrated into our practices. This topic also has me wondering how we can better integrate the theme into our courses at Multnomah. Spiritual formation (soul care) and member care are deeply tied together, but must be nuanced out in our courses and practice. You can find additional resources here at Soul Care and there’s even an app for it.

Large scale disasters and proper responses are also critical for our world today. More to come on this in my next post….stay tuned.

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