Welcome to our new blog site! Primarily, the blog will help keep our friends and family informed as to our work, studies and family life…but you might also have to weed through some of Greg’s reflections on life and play (forgive me if I ponder too much). Anyway, once I figure this thing out I will post some recent pictures and files regarding some of my research from Fuller.

Costa Rica

We have some great news! Our trip to Costa Rica over the past week was really amazing! We went to Costa Rica in response to an invitation to pursue beginning a ministry in training Latin American leaders in missions and more specifically, ministry to children at risk. After several meetings with directors and professors of two leading seminaries in Central America and staff of the Viva Network of Latin America we became even more convinced of God’s leading on our lives to impact issues facing the region through training Christian leaders in ministry.

The situation facing children in Latin America is bleak! We believe the hope of restoration for these kids lies with the People of God—the Community of God. There is a tremendous need to encourage Latin American leaders to respond to the great commission and include at risk children and youth as an important group of people to be reached. We truly believe that issues affecting children in Latin America will only sufficiently be addressed when Latin Americans themselves are equipped with the necessary tools to bring about change in their communities. Our goal continues to be to reach hurting children with the gospel and this new leading in our lives will only increase this impact! Through multiplying effective Christian leaders, we will be able to reach even more people for Christ and thus increase our impact.

At this point there is only one formal training program for children at risk workers in Latin America (located in Ecuador). We would like to see this change! While this will certainly not be an over night development, God has opened the door for us to pursue the development of a program that will specifically target this issue. We will also have an opportunity to train future leaders in pastoral and cross-cultural missions. This is something we would work towards developing over a number of years in partnership with other specialists and organizations.

Our current plan is to leave for Costa Rica this May. This implies that I will need to finish a large portion on my research between now and May and that we will need to increase our support. Obviously we have a lot of work before leaving, but we are certain that God is behind this, thus we will persevere….



6 thoughts on “Reflections from Costa Rica

  1. Dear Burches,

    One word… YYYYYYIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPEEEEEEE!! We danced and praised the Lord for this news. We are so happy to hear this news. Can’t wait to talk with you in person. BTW very cool blog site you have. One day I intend to blog, but I have to settle the bouncing ideas in my mind. We love you guys – when Abby heard me shouting the news to the family she joined my chorus with “Tyler!!” I know she’s very happy also.

  2. Dear Greg and Christina and Family,

    Thank you for sharing this great news. I’ve never read a blog on the computer before so this is a first for me. Roger and I did get your newsletter last week and I’ll be sharing that with the FCCA mission board next week at our fall meeting. We pray that God will help you finish well here in the USA before next May and that He will raise up your support. God bless you.

  3. Hola amigos, bueno yo escribiré en español…, tal vez mi emoción no es tan grande como la de Randy y Dora pero si estoy muy feliz de lo que Dios está haciendo en sus vidas, que sé será en beneficio para los niños en riesgo de Venezuela y el mundo.
    Un beso para los niños

  4. Hi guys! That is great news! Also looking forward to all the news about coaching…. What a brave man you are :>. Now I just have to start working on Ryan to impart the import of visiting/working with you for a week or so in Costa Rica. Hmmmm. It was SO much fun to be with you again this summer. Let us know if you swing this way and have time again. Love you guys!
    Linette (for both of us :>)

  5. Hi Greg, I was on line today and thought I’d log in your blog. Looking forward to seeing you after Christmas. Sorry that Oregon didn’t show up at the USC game and all you could do was eat popcorn, drink pop, and talk with your friends!


  6. Dear Greg and Christina,
    So nice to read your update and see all the cute pictures. We are looking forward to seeing you in March at FCCA. God bless and keep up HIS good work.


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