Tyler started T-ball this past week. Guess who the coach is? the whole experience kind of crept up on me. I never anticipated coaching, but given the need and a gentle nudge in the side by my loving wife, I volunteered. And you know what? I actually enjoy it!! Yesterday, one of my fellow coaches compared coaching 3 and 4 year old’s to herding cats. He is mostly right. But it is actually a lot of fun. Of course I am a proud dad. Tyler played very well and most importantly had a great time. The only downfall of the day was that Tyler found out how painful the infield dirt can be when you fall on it with bare knees. After the game he said, “daddy, can I wear pants next time?” More on coaching the Orange Lions later…

One thought on “Time for Baseball!

  1. Hey batter, batter, batter… I’m proud of you. It’s like becoming a pastor, as long as you’re on the winning side, everyone’s happy. I look forward to hearing insights you’re learning from coaching these kiddos. Have fun, bro!

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