After a delicious Christmas meal and great time at my parents house in San Clemente, we hit the road at 3AM on December 26th for Sunriver, OR, where Christina’s folks live and run a pastor and missionary retreat center. After a very long day, we arrived in Sunriver at about 8PM. The worse part of the drive (no it wasn’t the kids in the back saying”daddy are we there yet?”), but it was the snow. I hate driving in the snow! Not only was there snow on the ground, but it was actually snowing quite hard. After about an hour of driving about 20 mph on hwy 97, I was literally hallucinating (and no, I didn’t inhale as we passed Weed, CA). Anyway, we had a great week with family. Tyler and Kira literally loved playing in the snow. The whole week was restful and full of college football and good food!

Check out for info on the Oasis Retreat Center in Oregon.

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