As we continue down this road toward preparing for life in Costa Rica, we often stand in awe of how God is moving in our own lives and preparing the way for our future ministry. Part of our vision has been to work along side the Christian Church in developing a training program that focuses on working in partnership with our Latin American brothers and sisters in reaching out to children at risk with the Gospel and others who are outside of the body of Christ. No one should be left on the periphery of God’s Church. We have spent the past couple of months conversing with ESEPA (School of Pastoral Studies) Seminary faculty and administration about the possibility of working in the Seminary and developing a children at risk program that will train and equip Christian leaders in this important area. We are excited to let you know that Greg has been accepted and invited by the faculty of ESEPA to begin work this June in a missionary related role. ESEPA is an associate ministry of the Latin America Mission and Greg will be teaching as a missionary Professor. Greg will be teaching in missions, Bible and Theology and will be working toward the development of a children at risk program over the next few years. This new opportunity has been part of our vision and we praise God for once again confirming this next step in our lives.

ESEPA photo

At ESEPA in September, 2006.

3 thoughts on “ESEPA Seminary in Costa Rica

  1. Hey man, we’re ready for you! Costa Rica is ready for you! ESEPA is ready for you! Now if we can just find a house… all in good time, all in good time. You ready for your kiddos to have the Tico accent? I miss Abby’s Caraqueño accent. God bless you guys as you move forward. See you soon. RDG

  2. I like what you have done with the blog. Great content and helps me make contact with you . I look forward to the March retreat when we can actually sit and talk about seminary education and at risk children. Orientation is going well with 12 candidates-my favorite assignment after retreats. With you under God’s grace. Pastor Danny

  3. Hey Greg,

    Funny that Danny was just here posting a comment! I’m going to show your site tomorrow in my talk for the new candidates about using a blog to reach supporters!

    Blessings and hope to see you before too long!

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