I am a little behind these days on my writing (well, actually, just about everything), but thought that Kira’s birthday certainly deserves my attention. On February 17th Kira turned three years old. I can’t believe how fast she is growing up! It seemed like just yesterday our little girl was born. She continues to be as precious as she was on that first day. Her birthday party had a princess theme. We had a pancake bash in the morning and then quickly launched into the birthday highlights, like playing, cupcakes, gifts and the central piece, the piñata. Many of the kids in the PMH community joined us, as did friends and family. We had a great day, celebrating with Kira, and thanking God for this precious gift. The highlight for the kids was the piñata. It’s really cool how more and more people in the North are starting to make use of this great birthday tradition from the South. So often we export to the South, things that would be better left here, or nowhere, for that matter (i.e. Hollywood anyone?), but this family tradition has actually been imported from Mexico. Oh, I have an idea, I wonder what the history of the Piñata is…(good old wikipedia). Check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi%C3%B1ata to read about the fascinating story of the piñata. Anyway, all that just to say…..Happy Birthday Kira! We love you!

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