Just a quick note to let you know we made it to Costa Rica. We could not land last night because there was too much fog. The pilot attempted four landings, but had to abort each one at the last moment, so we were diverted to Nicaragua for the night and arrived here at 12:30PM finally. It was certainly an adventure that the kids will never forget. They were angels the whole trip and exerted a lot of patience. Now we will go about house hunting and do our best to set up our lives here. More to come.

2 thoughts on “We Made it!

  1. Wow, no se que como tus angelitos resistieron tantos intentos de aterrizaje. La primera vez que fui a Costa Rica viví 2 intentos de aterrizaje y creo que tampoco los olvidaré jeje.

    Bueno me alegro que estén sanos y salvos, para seguir siendo usados por el Señor entre los Latinos

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