We have been a little disconnected as we haven’t had a phone or internet connection, but we do have a place to call home up in the mountains east of San Jose. It’s a new condominium w/ 3 bedrooms + office. It is not as big as it sounds, but it is perfect for us. Across the street is a little park where Tyler and Kira can play. The neighborhood is apparently very safe, so we will be able to leave the place vacant on trips etc. The landlords live next door and have 4 daughters (all babysitting age)…so we’ll see what comes out of that. We have been able to buy some important items such as a refrigerator, washer/dryer and have been loaned a table and stove. Today was the first day out for us in about five days, as we all have been sick with the flu.

We would continue to appreciate your prayers! Pray for our health and continue to pray for a smooth transition. We have looked at one school for Tyler and will look at two more this week.

With thanks!

The Burch family.

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