Panama EscapePanama EscapePanama Bridge

We just returned from Panama. Our tourist visas were getting ready to expire so we needed to spend 72 hours outside of Costa Rica. It was a great trip! Upon leaving we needed to get a govt. authorization from the the transportation authorities to take the car outside of the country. That was a little hassle, but once that was finally done we made our way to the border. We only drove 200 miles to get to our destination, but it took us 8 hours! Go figure. The border between Costa Rica and Panama on the Caribbean coast is truly fascinating. In order to get over into Panama you have to cross a single lane train trestle….one car at a time. As you drive the seemingly century old wood planks groan as if they have seen one too many tractor-trailers. Once we got into Panama we headed towards a set of islands called Bocas del Toro, passing through some Guyani Indian reservations. While we only had one day to enjoy the islands, we had a blast. It was a nice family getaway for us. Upon returning we were welcomed back into Costa Rica and now are legal for another 90 days. Now back to work. Oh, and please be praying for our residency visa process. We plan on turning in the paperwork to our lawyer this month and will hopefully get our paper work into the immigration officials soon!

Panama Escape

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