Yup, that’s right, going to Minneapolis. The last time I was there I was 16 and in spiritual boot camp on my way to Europe for a mission trip with Royal Servants. My life has never been the same! But anyway, I will be presenting a paper entitled “Children at Risk in Short-term Missional Engagement” at the regional meeting for the Evangelical Missiological Society. It should be a good place to get children and youth on the agenda. Apparently I will be two blocks away from the largest mall in America. Just what I need!! I always get so disoriented in stepping into such places, but I probably should pick up some stuff for the family while I am in the U.S. Here’s a little paragraph from the paper….

“As is commonly practiced, it is one thing to participate in short-term mission work focused on reaching children, but it is another thing all together to participate in short-term mission with children and youth who come out of at risk circumstances. Most consider street children and other at-risk children to be victims of dire circumstances in need of service. While this is often true, I believe it is time that we consider, given their background, inviting them to participate in cross-cultural mission projects. Many believe that children must be given the opportunity to respond to the message of Jesus Christ, and I certainly concur with this belief, but I also believe we need to think about this from a different angle as children begin to integrate into the Church.”

Apparently, the paper is going to be turned into a book chapter for the upcoming EMS publication, but we’ll see. To read the document in whole click here children at risk in mission

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