Just returned on Sunday from the EMS conference in Minneapolis.  GOOD TO BE HOME! There was some thought provoking papers presented. The general theme of the conference was on short-term missions (STM). This is a critical issue given the amount of people who are involved in STM’s each year. Some estimates are reaching 1.2 million participants each year go out on some type of mission trip with only around 10% of those getting involved in long-term mission. One paper dealt with internships. I found this to be a pertinent topic for us at ESEPA as we begin looking at this for our students. We are working on several possible internship placements. Some possibilities at this point are Venezuela, India and Equatorial Guinea. On the other hand I felt honored to have the opportunity to get children at risk on the radar for a number of mission professor’s in North America. My prayer is that my paper peeked some interest among those in attendance.

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