As part of our urban mission class we will be performing an “exegesis in the city”….say what??? Yeah, that’s what my class asked. A few years ago, while working on my MA at Fuller I was in an urban mission class and part of a class exercise was focused on interpreting the city. It really opened my eyes up to God’s heart for the city. Many of us come from an anti-urban perspective. In fact growing up in Mission Viejo, CA (the suburbs), the only thing I ever heard about the city (in reference to LA) was that the city was full of violence, gangs, the homeless and prostitutes. Even people who grow up in the city tend to have this anti-urban bias. So an exegesis (normally a term reserved for Biblical interpretation) is a way of seeking to understand the city without allowing most of our prejudices to affect our view of what God is doing in the city. Anyway, I will write more after we complete our activity on Thursday night. Please be praying for safety as we walk into downtown San José on Thursday night. (The picture is of the main plaza downtown where we will be on Thursday).image.jpg

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