“When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife” (Matthew 1:24).


Not much is spoken about the faith and boldness of Joseph around the Christmas season. He is usually mentioned in passing, yet what an important role he really had as the adoptive dad of the King of kings. Most men in Joseph’s shoes would have made a beeline towards the exit of such a relationship, no matter what kind of dream they had. Yes it is true, the “Angel of the Lord” spoke to Joseph, but yet it was still his decision to take Mary as his wife. The faith that Joseph exerted is an amazing example for all dads today, whether biological or adoptive. As we have ministered to children @ risk over this past decade, one unfortunate source of pain for children today is the fact that many are growing up around the world without dads. Just as Mary has often been propped up as a rare example of a great mother, perhaps it is time Joseph be given a little more of the spotlight!

4 thoughts on “My hero – Joseph

  1. Greg I love your take on Joseph. He does model humility, steadfastness, and courage as he receives Emmanuel into His home. May we all do the same for Emmanuel as well as for all those whom the Lord calls us to welcome, invite, mentor, raise, etc.

  2. Brooks, Happy New Year my Friend! Thanks for your comment and thanks for helping me see that the “Joseph principle” goes in to a number of our relationships. I was not thinking about those areas. Very helpful. May 2008 be filled with blessing and joy.

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