Christina and I are on the verge of celebrating ten years together. Thanks to our friends Randy and Dora for watching the kids, we just “snuck” away for a beach trip that we won’t forget anytime soon. It has been an amazing adventure being married to Christina. Our first couple of years were spent in So. Cal and then we moved onto Caracas, Venezuela where we were blessed with two biological children and many kids from the streets of Caracas that will never leave our hearts and minds. We have now made our home Costa Rica and are loving it.  Like most couples, we have had our difficulties over the past ten years, but in the end, the fight has been worth it. More than anything it has been our relationship with Jesus that has been the glue that has kept us together. In this modern age where there is a tendency to run when things get difficult, our commitment to each other only continues to grow. On August 1st, we will be officially ten-years old as a couple. We have experienced and learned so much in these ten years, I look forward, with anticipation, to the next ten as we grow together in love.

3 thoughts on “10 years and growing….

  1. Good chatting with you a bit today Gregorio – congrats to you both! Our #8 is coming up this August as well. Many blessings in your future years together.

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