Just a quick update and some prayer requests from Costa Rica:

  • The trimester at ESEPA seminary finished last week. I finished up two courses required for mission, pastoral and Christian education students. I felt very connected with the students and was able to make some church visits with some of them, encouraging them in their different ministerial roles. Please pray that God would use these mentoring opportunities   to encourage the students in their ministries.
  • I leave tomorrow for Bolivia (Aug 26th – Sept. 21st). The purpose of my time in Bolivia is to conduct research which in turn will be used to help improve ministry to street-living and working children around the world and help me towards finishing my PhD at Fuller. A team of us from Fuller seminary will be meeting in La Paz, Bolivia at 3AM and traveling onto the city of Cochabamba later that morning. The La Paz airport is located in the Andes at nearly 14,000 feet (Yikes). Pray that God will use this time to encourage the nearly 20 ministries we will be jointly visiting, including hundreds of children and teenagers. Our prayer is that God will use this trip to be an encouragement to those we come in contact with. Our research is being supported by Fuller Youth Institute (www.cyfm.net), 180 degrees (www.180degreesalliance.org) and Viva International-Together with Children (www.viva.org)
  • Please also keep my time in Quito, Ecuador in your prayers (Sept. 21st-27th) as I will be representing ESEPA at some meetings in order to encourage Bible institutes and Christian colleges in the region towards developing training programs with children at risk. We desire to “kick start” training programs throughout the region that will follow the example of Christ in including the child in their midst.
  • Please be praying for Christina, Tyler and Kira while I am away. Pray that God will pour out his grace on all of us during this time. Pray for a special protection over the kids and Christina during this time. THANK YOU!
  • I hope to be blogging my reflections from Cochabamba and Quito throughout the month.

One thought on “Burch Update

  1. Dear Greg and Family,
    I just now realized you’ll be separated for a month. Wow, that’s a long time so please know that you will be in our prayers: for safety and great success on this project. We will especially be praying for Christina, Tyler and Kira that God will hold them in His protection and fill them with His peace while you are away.
    Love from the Bowers (Roger and Janice)

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