Looking over Cochabamba from "El Cristo"
Looking over Cochabamba

While not filled with a lot of formal research, we were able to visit a girls home/church that is run by the Salvation Army. The girls at the project were precious. Could not help but think of my daughter, Kira, and how much I miss family. Perhaps it is because I have a girl or in part because my work with girls has been so limited, but it is always heartbreaking for me to visit projects where girls have been abandoned. Fortunately the church/project seems to provide very good care for this group. Wish I could say that about all such homes. After church we visited el Cristo here in Cochabamb"El Cristo" de Cochabambaa. Apparently el Cristo is even taller then the one in Rio, but was unable to confirm that. We were able to walk up into it through a tight stairwell in the center. The stairs take you up into the arms section where we had a truly amazing view of Cochabamba. The highlight of the day was the invitation we received to partake in a blessing ceremony of one of our friends Daniel and his girlfriend. He formally asked his girlfriends father if he could marry his daughter. It was really an honor to participate in this ceremony and dinner. Of course we had a huge dinner.

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