The Forbidden leave - Coca
forbidden leaves - Coca

Was sick most of the day yesterday, but was able to prepare a little for my upcoming visits and interviews. The afternoon was spent under covers with a fever, but I seem to be doing better today. It was probably the (if you are vegetarian don’t read this) combination of animal parts from the night before which included cow udder, chicken hearts and Llama. Ya, you think??? Part of my task in completing research is to participate in the culture and experience life from the perspective of a cochabambino. The risks are obvious, but if I want to get at life and understand it here, then I will eat what they eat. I might pass on the cow udder next time though. Today I will be visiting a home for abandoned children. The home has been functioning for five years. There are 17 boys between the ages of 6 and 13 living in the home. My prayer is that it I can be used to encourage the children and workers. I am frequently observing that the workers take very little time for themselves. Given the job of caring for so many children can be tasking, I am trying to encourage those I meet to take time and rest and actually rejuvenate themselves – ultimately they will be better child care workers.

A visit to the market
A visit to the market

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