A number of alarming events are currently unfolding in Bolivia. Many are grieving the situation and I certainly

"Long live the Armed Struggle"
"Long Live the Armed Struggle"

join them in this. Officially ten people have been killed on the Bolivian/Brazilian border in fighting between opponents and supporters of the president. While the country is officially in mourning, fighting continues and the government has recently called a “state of exception” in the hardest hit areas. The situation is very serious in these areas and there is real concern among my hosts here in Cochabamba for the future of the country. On top of all of this, most of the country is out of LP gas and running very short on gasoline. The main problem is that most cars here run on LP gas. On a personal level it is making research difficult given that a few of the sites I have been visiting are only accessible via car or “micro” (a small bus). Fortunately a number of my research sites are within walking distance (30-45 minute walk). All of these concerns are certainly diminished in light of the violence and anxiety that people are experiencing here. Bolivia needs of our prayers right now more than anything.

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