For the last couple of days I have been hanging out with a couple of people I met through God ordained circumstances. Skip and Rehanna have a street ministry that very much reminds me of our early days back in Caracas with Niños de la Luz. Their ministry site is the street or a bridge or a soccer field. It is any place where the children are. They have allowed me to tag along and meet a number of children living on the street here in Cochabamba. It has felt good to be back under the bridge, yet I have been reminded of the desperate needs such children have. Our first day out I counted about 18 kids that we came in contact with (nearly twelve of them live under a bridge close to where I have been observing the children working in the Saturday Market). The majority had a small glue bottle that they were sniffing out of. They call the glue here clefa. I have frequently heard people call children living on the street “cleferos.” I cannot help but think how Jesus must weep over the children that sleep on the streets of Cochabamba each night. It is difficult carrying out research when faced with such human suffering. Pray for Skip and Rehanna. This is not an easy ministry. You can also check out their blogs at: and

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