Who said research can’t be fun? I was forced to get on a swing and subsequently pushed by a eleven year old girl for a good 10 minutes. I think she knew I needed a break. Amazing how perceptive they are!

The "researcher" taking a mandatory break
The researcher taking a mandatory break

2 thoughts on “Research and Play

  1. I love this picture! It not only demonstrates your child-like heart, but reveals the truth that in relation to God we are all children. No to mention the fact that no matter our age, gender, ethnicity, culture, or socio-economic background we are all equally loved and called to serve one another in that same love.

  2. Brooks, yeah, it was a random shot that a photographer who joined me on some of my visits took. The girl who lead me to the swing was quite insistent that I allow her to push me. It was a God-ordained moment.

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