effectiveengagement-ems16A new book has just been released by William Carey Library called Effective Engagement in Short-term Missions: Doing it Right. William Carey Library calls it, “the single most ambitious effort to date to understand and improve upon patterns of ministry in STM.” If you or your church/org. plans on taking a short-term mission or conducting a development project, than this book is a must! Short-term teams have frequently been accused of causing more harm than doing good. This book will help you and your group to become more sensitive to cultural issues creating the way for an impact wherever you serve.

My chapter in the book is entitled: “Children at Risk in Short-term Missional Engagement.”  This was originally a paper written and presented in Minneapolis last year at the Evang. Missiological Society. You can purchase this at:  click on William Carey Library Check it out!!

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