We are now in Sunriver, Oregon with Christina’s parents at the OASIS RETREAT CENTER – see http://www.lifeimpactoregon.org/for more info on the retreat center and their ministries. Given it is O degrees (f) outside and snowing I found some time to write a little.  Andy Sexton of Oasis international was nice enough to let me piggy back on his article for the Barnabas letter and add some of my findings from Bolivia. These are just some impressions from my research of the Early Encounter Project focused on street-living and working children in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I still have a final report to write and now that I am done with my initial analysis I am on my way to writing up the findings. More to come….

Strategic Impact: Multiplying our Effectiveness Among Children at Risk
By Greg W. Burch and Andy Sexton

Have you any idea how many children live on or work on the streets of the cities of the world? Phyllis Kilbourn

Bolivian Street Children Project
Bolivian Street Children Project

estimates that there as many as 200 million children either sleeping on the streets or making a living on the streets every day of their lives. It is hard to accurately assess the numbers because of the mobility of these children (and their families). However, no matter what the actual number is, we know it is huge and we know how vulnerable these children are to violence, disease and exploitation. How can we ever hope to assist this vast multitude of children? There is a way, and that is to be strategic! This article uses examples from work with street children, but its principles are applicable for work with all children at risk.

For more click on the pdf link: Strategic Impact Article in pdf

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