I just received an e-mail from Dan Brewster (HCD coordinator) that the Holistic Child Development (HCD) website is now on-line in English and Español. You might remember this is one of the outcomes from several conferences I have participated in over the past couple of years going back to Thailand in May, 2007 (See HCD Chiang Mai) and my most recent trip to Quito, Ecuador where seminaries throughout the Latin American/Carribean image0101region came together to discuss developing academic programs focused on equipping leaders to care for children at risk. It is exciting to see this come to fruition. There are some documents and books on the site. My book, Community Children, which is in the process of being translated into Spanish, thanks to Compassion intl., will soon be featured as well. If you get a chance check out the site, it has and will have some valuable resources for those concerned about caring for at risk kids and youth.

The website address is: http://www.hcd-alliance.org/

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