We appreciate your prayers over the past couple of months as the kids have been adjusting to a new school. They are doing great!

Could you pray for a couple of meetings this week? This afternoon our cross-cultural missions department at ESEPA will be discussing who will become the new department head, as our previous director is now president (rector) of the seminary. Also this Friday Christina and I (representing ESEPA) will be in a three way meeting with VIVA of Latin America and Roblealto Child Care Association over the development of a new program at the seminary called “MIPANA” which is the Spanish acronym for Holistic Mission to Children and Adolescents. VIVA and ESEPA are moving toward a partnership, and we have invited Roblealto to discuss the issue over a coffee with us (Costa Rican style!). Pray for God’s hand of guidance on this please.

In addition, will you be praying for my side (Greg) of the family, as my grandmother passed away. There is a memorial service for her on Saturday which I will unfortunately miss. Pray for peace for my mother and grandpa and all others affected by this loss. Thanks!

Also, I have a major paper due on March 20th that will COMPLETE my tutorial phase of the doctorate (a major portion of my research over the past 4 years on street children in Latin America) I am working on at Fuller….then comes some comprehensive tests, pulling together the dissertation, defense and hopefully graduation by June 2010. Please pray that I can concentrate and pull the pieces together by this date.


Please note our new e-mail addresses

Greg: gburch@latinamericamission.org
Christina: cburch@latinamericamission.org

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