Some of my earliest memories of my grandma are from their house in Orange when I was just a little boy. I have little recollection of those years, but I can remember the joy I always found on my grandma’s face when we showed up. Lots of hugs and kisses followed soon after. I remember her cooking and placing the hot food on the table. Probably my most vivid memories as a child are from Big Bear. I always loved going up there to visit grandpa and grandma. I can remember grandma telling me that they planted a pine tree for me. Wow, I thought, a pine tree just for me! Years after that pine tree was planted and my grandparents moved away from Big Bear I re-visited that old house with my wife Christina to show her the tree that was planted in my name!  It sure had grown! She was always so warm and caring. As most grandmas are, I don’t once ever remember receiving a negative look or even one disapproving glance from her. I am sure my brother and I pushed the boundaries on more than one occasion, yet I only have memories of a grandmother who was always willing to give a hug. As a teenager I always enjoyed visiting with them wherever they were living, whether that was in Yuma or elsewhere. When I married, and was introducing my wife to the family, I can remember the special reception Christina received from my grandmother. She immediately received her as family and touched my heart in the process.  While I have been living in Latin America for a number of years now, I always looked forward to the opportunity to visit with grandpa and grandma. Grandma was always cooking up some delight in the kitchen when we came over. It was a privilege to show her our son Tyler and daughter Kira after they were born. You could see instant pride in her eyes as she held them in her arms. Now she was a great grandma! As a father I have a great appreciation for grandparents and the fact that my grandmother was able to enjoy watching my kids play and grow is something special. It is not something that I will forget anytime soon. My own kids always enjoyed their great grandma and visiting them both in Leisure World. They prayed for her persistently over the past couple of years when she was sick. Thank you grandma for your legacy! We celebrate your life!

One thought on “Memories of a grandma

  1. I am so sorry for your loss….
    parents, grandparents and family are always the most difficult to loose. Take this story, and many others that you have, write then down, and then chare them always with your children… it is in this way, your grandmother will never die, but always live on through your love for her- your kids will see it, and always remember.
    my boys know about my dad, not a day goes by when I dont share something. He continues to live in this way. My love to your family.

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