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I seem to be finding less and less time to keep family and friends up to date on our work here in Costa Rica and Latin America. But I wanted to share a few thoughts from my time in Chile. Back in December, in representation of ESEPA, I was invited to join a number of other committed professors and seminary representatives to push forward the Holistic Child Development (HCD) movement in the southern cone. We had a terrific response from seminary presidents and academic deans coming from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela and Uruguay. There was a significant response by a number of key seminaries in the region to push forward in developing training programs that will train

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Christian workers in caring for vulnerable children. Personally I was very motivated to keep pushing for a program that seeks to train workers in ministry to children at risk at ESEPA. We have a new meeting in early February to set a date for beginning the program. In the mean time the course Ministry to Street Children is going well. We have had a very positive response by students. I think all the work we have poured into raising awareness about the importance of caring for vulnerable children is finally starting to pay off.  For more on the HCD movement see:

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