This episode focuses specifically on leading the work of Africa New Life Ministries (ANLM) and highlights the roles and relationship of the two key leaders of the organization, Dr. Charles Mugisha (President and co-founder) and Alan Hotchkiss (U.S. Executive Director). The two share insights on mutual respect and trust in guiding both the U.S. and Rwandan sides of the organization, highlighting localization and their partnership.

While we really wanted to highlight the background of Dr. Mugisha in this episode, we focused on understanding the relationship and leadership that is demonstrated by both Alan and Charles. We have had them in our classes teaching together, and I am always impressed with the respect and trust that is demonstrated in their working relationship as they seek to lead Africa New Life Ministries.

You absolutely need to listen to the story and background of Charles to catch his heart and experiences. I recommend the following podcast episodes.

For more on the two, have a look at Africa New Life Ministries website.

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