Thanks to a recent trip back to Portland, I was able to connect with MAGDJ alumna Shelbye Renfro in the Multnomah Studios. Shelbye works in a community in Kigali, Rwanda with the organization Word Made Flesh. In this episode of Development and Justice Shelbye talks about her work in seeking justice in her adopted community through economic and sustainable development projects that she and her team lead. She provides a timely update on how the covid-19 pandemic is impacting her and her friends in Rwanda and their work and how she stays encouraged and hopeful despite challenging circumstances at times. Have a listen!

While you are at it, check out the organization Word Made Flesh. WMF is a strategic partner organization with MAGDJ and the Global Studies Dept. at Multnomah University. See Word Made Flesh and Word Made Flesh Rwanda for more on who Shelbye is and who she works with. And don’t forget to check out their Lifestyle Celebrations.

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